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Nova IR is now Micro-Hybrid Electronics

The latest news about our Infrared technology center in Tucson USA is the change into Micro-Hybrid Electronics.

What is changing other than the name? We are opening the first Infrared sales and application center in North America to be close to our customers. Our customers benefit from toll free delivery of all Online shop products into the USA. Other than that we keep manufacturing amazing IR MEMS Chips for gas analysis and temperature measurement in industry fields like medical, industrial, climate and ventilation, agriculture and other fields of application.


IR emitter for gas analysis applications

NOVA IR is focused on Infrared Emitters, enabling components for spectroscopic sensors used for infrared gas analysis.

This large emerging market includes carbon dioxide (CO2) sensors for demand-control-ventilation, cabin environmental control, bio engineering and medical applications like breath analysis. Sensors are also likely to be mandated for carbon monoxide or methane and others on request. Infrared sensors are also extensively used in medicine for patient monitoring including capnography.


individual packaging features
  • TO or SMD housing
  • Optical filters
  • HermeSEAL packaging for harsh environments
  • backfill gases for more efficency
  • High Emissivity due to high membrane temperatures - good spectral emission
  • Increased service life through the reduction of oxidation processes
  • Backfilling with different gases for variation of radiation power and time constant
  • High safety for explosion-protected applications
  • Ideal for battery or stand-alone low power applications

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NOVA IR Products are avaible via Micro-Hybrid Electronic GmbH. Our Infrared Sales team will be happy to answer your questions and take care of your requests.

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